Copyright 2014
Andre Hoffmann

200 songs is an ultimate personal non-mixtape. One DVD, containing probably the most personal and important music of my first 25 years, those selection distributed into 28 parts, adding up to 208 songs and over 17 hours of audio.

It took almost two years to compile, mix and produce the whole project. Every Mixset (file) is manually mixed with Traktor DJ 3.x. The physical product was occasionally designed over the duration of roundabout one year and finally produced and assembled in one week.

The project ends with the delivery to 9 close persons (I keep one for myself), each person getting his or her own personally signed issue.

Printed and burned DVD, DVD Case. 2 Booklets and cover. Traktor DJ, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Scissors, staples, inkjet printer, cd printer and dvd burner. Independent Work. Edition of 10. 2006-2008.