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Andre Hoffmann

visually and sonically very very compelling – Mark Amerika

Shown at streamingfestival, The Hague in 2010 and at HORST, Bremen in 2010

"How I learned to love the past's future" is a digital structural movie.
As a means of appreciation and an urge to interpret - that is why we do remixes. "How I learned" is a personal, a highly subjective work, still with the stringency of a systematic exploration. The cross-scans, spreads of lines and columns from a picture and the fusion of the two results emerge into a texturization containing the smallest and most graphical elements of the source's aesthetic. Granular synthesis magnifies a very small amount of sound into a soundtrack.


Video with Audio. 8min 3sec and 10min exhibition loop version. Movie stills and audio as a source. Max/MSP/Jitter. Independent Work. 2009/2010.

Review by Nicole Tschampel on streaming festival.

Review by Steven Ceraso on streaming festival

How I learned to love the past's future from ff10 on Vimeo.