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Andre Hoffmann

Part of the reason why I write about the media is because I am interested in the whole intellectual culture, and the part of it that is easiest to study is the media. It comes out every day. You can do a systematic investigation. You can compare yesterday’s version to today’s version. There is a lot of evidence about what’s played up and what isn’t and the way things are structured.
Noam Chomsky: What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream, Z Magazine, October 1997

20 screenshots of teasers from the tagesschau-Newsfeed in which subsequent corrections (striked-out red) and additions (green) are made visible and reveal the delicate interplay between factual coverage and rhetoric, past and present, and showcases those effects on the meaning of the report.

Still images. Tagesschau RSS Feed, NetNewsWire, 10" digital photo frame, 29 screenshots in a slideshow. Independent Work. 2009.