Copyright 2014
Andre Hoffmann

Time heals all wounds. - vernacular

"No matter what you will do, it will be wrong" is an audio-resonant, interactive video installation. It tries to express the fact that whatever we might do - actively or passively, it has an influence on the condition of our environment.

A one-shot video of a (seemingly) untouched, peaceful landscape is shown, nothing special happens. When the visitor of the installation enters the room and causes noise, this noise will be added to a pool, which absolute value is causing video interferences. The higher this value gets, the more the original video becomes a collage of noise, coloured planes, wildly moving in any direction, at a certain point not anymore distinguishable as the peaceful landscape it used to be. Additionally, the Reckoning of this state might cause an awkward viewing situation. The visitor now has the option to hit a button which is lying on the floor, with a note saying "do something". As soon as the visitor hits the button, the original setting will be restored to its original state, but with the exception that the saturation of the original setting is reduced, the video playback, including the audio, is slowed down. This circuit of interaction continues - until there remains nothing more than a black and white still picture - a memory of what once was. Patience then is the only way that the original state can be restored.

Interactive Video Installation. MaxMSP/Jitter, Computer with Max5 Runtime Environment, Projector, Speakers, Modified Keyboard Controller with Pushbutton, Microphone. Work for: Independent Study (Petra Klusmeyer). Digital Media Masters, University of the Arts Bremen. 2009.