Esense - Enviromental Sensor

Esense is a prototype for a personal nightlife / citylife guide application. Ordinary guides of this type provide you information about venues like pricerange, business hours, style or concept, music, etc. The idea behind esense is, that those information is replaced by far more basic values of the certain environment. Esense displays and visualizes the enviromental values namely temperature, humidity, brightness, loudness and crowdedness. The user can adjust those values to her or his personal preferences and compare those to the values the sensors at a certain venue create.

Esense is realized in Flash/AS2 and stores all the information in XML-Files. Each venue has its own xml file representing its environment. The personal values are transmitted via PHP into a XML-File.

2008. Flash Application. Work for: Products to save your (daily) life. (Jörg Engster). Digital Media Masters, HfK Bremen.

© 2009 Andre Hoffmann