WORK 2011 fr Visualizations
audio visualization experiments
2010 FormResonance Cover Art (upcoming)
creative work for the electronic music label FormResonance
iPhone App for browsing Discogs
2009 Duchamp, Turing, Kay: Three Contradictions
book project, typography, graphic design
How I learned to love the past's future
a digital structural film
Minimal iPhone Ringtones
functional sound composition
The Tell Tale Heart – T3H
immersive bio-resonant audio-visual installation
Form Resonance Audio Visualization Widgets
audio visualization
The Other
bio-resonant audio installation
No matter what you will do, it will be wrong
reactive audio-visual installation
We changed our mind
digital slideshow installation
audio-visual composition / conceptual artwork
2008 9 Books
quantitative visualization
Dense Fabric EP
200 Songs
sound carrier concept / mixtape
Inside of things
sound composition
Free Content: Free Software, Open Source and Creative Commons
written composition
quantitative visualization
interaction study
earlier Portfolio 2007
Flash minisite
visualization application
Graphical Timetable: Train schedule example
information design showcase
Double A Booking
Flash minisite & concept / logo
Vielleicht Morgen
short movie
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