Ghostwriter are different approaches to map quantities in text. Graphical output is determined by certain statistical values a text may contain. Ghostwriter was written in Processing. Text can be parsed from any plain textfile.

Also Sprach Zarathustra

Mapping of an excerpt of "Thus spoke Zarathustra" in German

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Mapping of an excerpt of "Thus spoke Zarathustra" in English

Sex by Stanton

Mapping of Henry Stanton's "Sex"

"Sex" by Stanton

Treemap of Henry Stanton's "Sex". The size of a rectangle represents the length one sentence, it's saturation the abbreviation in the letter use compared to the statistical average in the English language.

Letters and Lettering

Treemap visualization of an excerpt of "Letters and Lettering" by Frank Chouteau Brown. The text is considerably older than Stanton's.

Static 3D

Static, movable 3D visualization. Every line represents one sentence, the color and length of the line represents the accordance to the statistical averages.

2008. Generative Visualization done in Processing. Work for: Experimental Mapping. (David Oswald). Digital Media Masters, University of Applied Sciences Bremen.

© 2009 Andre Hoffmann