Duchamp, Turing, Kay: Three Contradictions

"Art | mathematics | technology. And culture. Different communities are aware of the eminent contribution each of the three chosen heroes has made to those communities’ efforts to understand reality from one particular perspective. Do those communities have anything in common? Do any two of them have an intersection, a playground where they meet? Could there be a common area for all three of them? If it exists, how small is it, not worth considering, and if small, should an effort be made to expand it?" - Frieder Nake

Duchamp, Turing Kay: Three Contradictions is a collaborative book project. For this anthology I will design the cover, do the typography together with a small group of 3 people and I also have written a small essay for the book.

Addendum: Unfortunately, the book project is on an indefinite hiatus.

three contradictions book cover

2009. Anthology. Book Project. Essay, Cover Design and Typography with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Work for: Ars Algorithmica (Frieder Nake). Digital Media Masters, University of the Arts Bremen.

© 2009 Andre Hoffmann