Transmission/ Presentation

"Every work of art is an uncommitted crime." ("Jedes Kunstwerk ist eine abgedungene Untat.") - Adorno

Transmission/Presentation is a media artwork consisting of two parts:
1. The transmission of a digitally altered copyrighted video (for which the artist has no copyrights, permission or whatsoever) to YouTube,
2. The presentation of digitally altered videos in public, for its source material it would be strictly prohibited to present in public. The Presentation is accompanied by two A2 Posters giving an additional hint on the content.

The source material is
Transmission: ca. 10 minutes of a US TV Animation Series.
Presentation: Footage of a video game which is indexed in Germany, subsequently followed by a hardcore porn movie. Logo from the video game and an explicit still photo.

All video material is altered in its visual qualities in a way that there remains only a colour-aesthetic and to some extend a motion-aesthetic idea of the source material. The audio of the source material is bandpass-filtered and down-sampled so that there only remains a hint of the original material. Additionally, a click is generated when the audio overdrives. The prints are deconstructed and then reconstructed.

Transmission / Presentation deals with the question of legality of exhibiting media in public space. All materials contain a taste of illegality while in its performance. Though it is not illegal while showing the material in an abstracted form, it is still retaining an aesthetic of its source.

The transmission happens with YouTube.

The presentation happens in any physical, public space.

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2009. Video with Audio. Source videos, YouTube, Videoplayer with display and speakers. Max/MSP/Jitter. Independent Work.

© 2009 Andre Hoffmann